About Us

GoGreece was created by a team of collaborating scientists, lawyers, engineers, economists, shipbuilders and other specialists, with the purpose to help investors, regardless of their economic capabilities or nationality, invest their funds in the most effective and profitable way.

The team's general management is done by, Attorney of the Supreme Court in Athens, Mr. Gregory Atzarakis, based on his extensive experience and his multiple and specialized knowledge in business law

The majority of GoGreece's collaborators are prior associates of Mr Atzarakis' Law Office which has been operating successfully since 1975.


Brief CV of Mr. Atzarakis

He is a graduate of Political and Economic Sciences of Panteion University of Athens.

He is a graduate of the Law School of the ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI.

He has been Chief Financial Officer for 9 years in Greece's largest logistics company (Antoniadis Atlas SA).

He was a shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors, of many Societes Anonymes, of various business activities.

He served as an Attorney at Law at the Supreme Court and has been enjoying a successful career from 1975 to date.

He served as a Legal Advisor to "General Trade and Industry SA", a company listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, for over 30 years, as well as many other S.A. Companies.

As an active Attorney at Law, he handled thousands of court cases associated with Civil, Naval and Commercial Law.

He was Greece's legal repsresenter for FARBOIL, an american ship color paint  manufacturing company, for 10 years.

Through his experience he helped set up more than 100 S.A. Companies and carried out the privatization of the former LANARA-KIRTSI Industrial Group.

He brokered for the sale of many real estate, industrial buildings, hotels and companies.

He was the founder and legal advisor of the Panhellenic Shipping Shipkeeping Association and an authorized Attorney for Greece of the International Ship Supply Agency (ISSA).

He served as a publisher and editor of the "Shipping Mirror" magazine.

He served as Chairman of the Navy Seafarers' Fund and

He was President of the "House of Sailor" Public Organization.